To promote a sustainable lifestyle, everyday items have also been produced using eco-friendly materials.

6 Colors / US $57

This colorful hat can be conveniently rolled up and stored in a bag, allowing you to easily take it out and use it anytime, anywhere. It’s made with a blend of Lyocell fabric, known for its excellent breathability, moisture-wicking qualities, and soft texture.

13" US $57 / 16" US $64

The AirKnit technique used in this design involves knitting the body in one piece, eliminating the need for separate cushioning materials and promoting a zero-waste production process. It offers elasticity and flexibility, allowing for storage of 13-inch or 16-inch laptops.

4 Colors / US $38

This compact pouch provides ample storage space for beauty products. It has a bottom base that allows it to stand on its own easily, and its lightweight and soft yet sturdy texture ensures durability.

1 Color / US $23

The inner bag is specifically designed for the Two-way Shopper Bag, adding functionality to the bag. It’s made from 100% recycled felt material and has separate storage compartments for conveniently organizing small items. It helps maintain the shape of the bag and adds volume, giving a more stylish look.

MARBLE Keyring 
13 Colors / US $12

PET bottles have been transformed into bags, and the bottle caps became accessories. The keyring is made from approximately five recycled bottle caps and features a heart symbol, representing sustainable materials.